Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

How to get rid of muffled voices

This will be somewhat of a tutorial~

Sometimes I see people complaining about the “clarity” of their UTAUloids. Well, I complain often, too ^^" In UTAU everything is fine with the voices but when the .wav is rendered and mixed up with the music it sounds muffled and not understandable anymore. Maybe it's a resampler issue but here's a alternative solution:

There’s a simple trick to make the voice clear with Audacity: Equalizer!

A short Briefing on Frequencies

30 – 300 Hz – If you have a male voice this is your first main focus. Within these frequencies are the basses. It’s difficult for the human ear to differentiate tones with a low frequency because they overlay each other. There’s also our problem with the damping. Reduce these frequencies.

500 – 800 Hz – Within these areas the so-called telephone effect appears. Is the voice sounding a little like it is heard through a telephone you should slightly lower these frequencies. But don’t overdo it!

1kHz – In other words: The understandability of the vocals. Lower or raise this area a little.

6kHz – Finally, our goal! It’s for the utmost clarity of the vocals. Some people say you have to raise it, others you shall lower it. To be honst, it’s up to you. Compare the effects and decide what appears best.

Try out what works best for your UTAUloid. There’s no general adjustment for everything. Just keep in mind what I said about the frequencies and the voice will surely improve.

I haven’t tried yet but maybe it works for making samples clearer, too.